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88 Benjamin Law - Good Questions to Ask Straight People
Like all queer people, Benjamin Law gets asked a lot of questions. Isn’t it time we started asking questions back? Benjamin Law writes books, TV screenplays, columns, essays and feature journalism. He’s the author of The Family Law (2010), Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East (2012) and the Quarterly Essay on Safe Schools, Moral Panic 101 (2017). The Family Law is now also an award-winning TV series for SBS, which Benjamin created and co-writes. He also co-hosts ABC RN’s weekly pop culture show Stop Everything. Queerstories is an LGBTQIA+ storytelling night programmed by Maeve Marsden, with regular events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. For Queerstories event dates, visit, and follow Queerstories on Facebook. The new Queerstories book is published by Hachette Australia, and can be pre-ordered on Booktopia. To support Queerstories, become a patron at And for gay stuff, insomnia rants and photos of my dog Frank follow me - Maeve Marsden - on Twitter and Instagram.  
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