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225 Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen - How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bum
After watching a life-changing episode of Broad City, Giselle's life is filled by a new and consuming passion. Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen was a recipient of The Wheeler Centre’s inaugural Next Chapter fellowship. Her writing has appeared in BuzzFeed, frankie, Junkee, Kill Your Darlings and Meanjin, and she was a regular columnist for Daily Life throughout 2016. She has appeared at Melbourne Writers Festival, National Young Writers’ Festival and Women of Letters. Giselle is the commissioning editor for Feminist Writers Festival and a bookseller at Readings. She likes animals, vegan cooking, comics, cycling and inappropriate nap times. Queerstories is an LGBTQI+ storytelling night programmed by Maeve Marsden, with regular events around Australia. For Queerstories event dates, visit, and follow Queerstories on Facebook. The Queerstories book is published by Hachette Australia, and can be purchased from your favourite independent bookseller or on Booktopia. To support Queerstories, become a patron at And for gay stuff and insomnia rants follow me - Maeve Marsden - on Twitter and Instagram.
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