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163 Paul Kidd - How I got laid at my boyfriend’s funeral
In the midst of the AIDS crisis, a love affair starts with two young men meeting on an overnight train and ends, a decade later, in a moment of resolute determination amid overwhelming grief and loss. Paul Kidd is a lawyer, activist, writer and troublemaker. He has been living with HIV for more than 30 years and has been a long-time advocate for people with HIV. His work focuses on LGBTIQ rights, law reform and legal and social issues affecting the LGBTIQ and PLHIV communities. He remains passionately committed to queer liberation and vehemently opposed to the neoliberal assimilation of LGBTIQ people. He lives off-grid in central Victoria with his husband, a fellow HIV advocate, and in his day job he works with and fights for vulnerable people as a community lawyer at Fitzroy Legal Service. Queerstories is an LGBTQI+ storytelling night programmed by Maeve Marsden, with regular events around Australia. For Queerstories event dates, visit, and follow Queerstories on Facebook. The Queerstories book is published by Hachette Australia, and can be purchased from your favourite independent bookseller or on Booktopia. To support Queerstories, become a patron at And for gay stuff and insomnia rants follow me - Maeve Marsden - on Twitter and Instagram.  
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